Edutainment Games

Good education comes with digital learning

We believe that learning goes beyond reading a book on a tablet. Games and learning go together; especially in education. This is the driving force behind Edutainment Games. We are a young, innovative company that invests in learning results in the applied game industry. We are constantly trying to increase motivation and are always looking for the most effective way to deliver educational content through our games.

The starting point in the development of our games is entertainment and we involve experts for the educational content. In this way we ensure a good balance of play and content. We test this balance extensively, we involve our users from idea to finished product. Therefore our games meet the latest didactic and pedagogical insights. This makes our applied games unique and future-proof.

What we stand for

The workmethod of Edutainment Games


Edutainment Games combines curriculum with the power of games. Our games have a clear learning objective and are challenging. We work closely with educators and experts from the game industry in order to create the perfect learning environment and to motivate students. Quality and fun is our starting point.


The young team of Edutainment Games knows what children like doing in their spare time and is well informed of the latest developments in both education and the game industry. Passion for games and love for teaching ensure that we lift digital learning to a new level.


We believe in the power of feedback, not only from teachers but also students. We work according to the agile method. We involve clients, educators, game experts and players in the development of our products. This allows us to deliver a game of high quality where gameplay is paramount.