Team members

The hard-working men and women

We are an enthusiastic start-up with passion for the game industry and education. You can find us at the innovative hotspot UtrechtInc. In March 2016 we received financial support from the Local Economic Fund (LEF) from the town of Utrecht for the development of our company.

Tommie Wildschut

CEO / Owner

Jeroen Verloop

CTO / Co-owner

Sophie Hansen

Education and development specialist

Rick van Rooij

Design & Education

Jacqueline van Rhijn

2D Artist

Tom de Smit

Sound Director

Remko Verbon

Front-end developer

Nick Brouwer

Intern Software Engineering


The pillars of Edutainment Games

To ensure the quality of the teaching methods we involve external parties. Edutainment Games consults with educational and math specialists from 'OnderwijsAdvies' (Education Advice), 'Stichting Leerplan Ontwikkeling' (Institute for Curriculum Development) (SLO) and Utrecht University (UU). Additionally Ludimo, the game we develop, is based on the headline targets according to the 'Centraal Instituut voor Toetsontwikkeling' (Central Institute for Test Development) (Cito).

Greetje van Dijk

Senior Educational Consultant

Thijs Lutje Schipholt

Lutje Schipholt & Piqué Finance

Jeroen Goes

Director elementary school 'de Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap'

Bernadette Berenschot

Head advisory team HR @ 'COA'

Merijn Vogelsang

Game Designer

Annette Berenschot

Owner 'AB Projectconsult'

Thomas Verloop

Senior Developer

Marvin van der Lee

Business consultant, Rabobank

Dennis Pothoven

Law and Entrepreneurship, Rabobank

Nick Wildschut


Dolly Verheul

Teacher, educational developer

Jan Ravesteijn

Treasurer @ 'Stichting Taal doet meer'

Alain Koopmans

Trailer Animator